Geosteering is the intentional directional control of a wellbore based on the results of downhole geological logging measurements rather than three-dimensional targets in space, usually to keep a directional wellbore within a pay zone. In mature areas, geosteering may be used to keep a wellbore in a particular section of a reservoir to minimize gas or water breakthrough and maximize economic production from the well. The main objectives of Geosteering come out of 44 SPE papers shows below:

Using ROC beside other communication and data sharing in REPPCO provides proper CWE to finalize our geosteering jobs in the best way.


Remote Operation Center

As your operations expand, the need for command centers that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year only continues to grow. These spaces need reliable technology and durable installations to ensure they live up to the rigors of round-the-clock use.

One type of operations center used in a variety of industries is the Remote Operations Center (ROC). Applicable to trades such as scientific research, solar power, wind, facilities maintenance, and a number of utilities, remote operations centers provide constant, real-time monitoring of numerous locations through one central hub. In a remote operations command center, operators can monitor and control various aspects of an operation in multiple locations across the globe, all in real-time on a command center.

The ability to remotely track, assess, and resolve issues with commands from a central location allows for the optimization of operation.

With the right ROC design, your crew can engage in real-time collaboration across sites, sharing critical information through quick data transfer and real-time discussion. In the event of an incident alert or system alarm, operators in a remote operations center can diagnose and analyze the issue, identify the cause of the alarm from their remote location, and, if necessary, dispatch crew and assist with resolution of the issue through efficient methods of communication.

ROC has a variety of applications in oil and gas industries. We utilize this technology to steer well drilling path and keep it in a certain zone with highest oil productivity potential calls sweet spot.

According to geosteer service we provide, a powerful ROC is needed to interpret real-time data and steer well drilling path rapidly and perfectly. Due to our cooperation with high quality foreign companies to develop our quality and knowledge, even technology transfer we need an applicable ROC with variable facilities to communicate to each cited companies via videoconference and remote connection between us.

First step of providing a good and applicable ROC is providing best and fastest hardware to get best performance in shortest time so it will be possible to save time and finalize projects in the best way.

In REPPCO we tried to provide best available hardware, accessories and environment to meet our job quality targets.