Working with universities is always delightful, as the situation is placed in a relax environment combined with nice people. We try to make our partnership with these environment stronger everyday. We can play the role of the chain to connect universities into industry and vice versa.



We can work hard and research about what we are able to bring in our industry.


We are fully prepared ourselves to hold workshops for students who are interested enough


The projects we are engaged in these industry, lead us to develop some publications in which students are the only experts. 


The value we may bring for students is working in an international environments. Our international partners love that. 


We are going to write several books for our services and unique approaches applied in our system with the academy contributions

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We will try to prepare promotions starting to built our partnership with universities:

  • Prepare training courses
  • Contribute to research project
  • Work in close contact with instructors and student
  • Hire students for our project

Based on our unique opportunities to involve in R&D projects in oil and gas industry, we are open to have mutual collaboration in this term to act as an asset for universities which are interested to be active in the industry.

We believe, the higher the audience we had from universities, the stronger we would be in our project. Please fill free to contact us and propose your idea, thought and experience.